Case Studies
Some of the start-up businesses we have already helped!

Case Studies


Shaun Slaymaker

I’m Shaun, a business management student at the University of Winchester and I’ve recently launched my own environmental consultancy combatting climate change through the use of tree planting on behalf of businesses and companies. Upon which we aim to plant millions of trees right here in the UK to offset the subsequent affects of global warming and working with the Inspiring Enterprise and IncuHive programmes will help us achieve this. For more information about us, find us instragam @risingforests or visit our website, or email us to discuss a possible project.

Josh Armstrong

I'm Josh and I am the Founder/Executive Director at King Alfred Theatre Arts CIC. As a Community Interest Company, it is our aim to provide opportunities to students in Secondary, Further and Higher Education to perform on professional standard stages whilst learning industry-specific and industry generic skills to get people ready for the world ahead. After so much support from InspiringEnterprise Winchester, I have learnt the essential skills that pushed myself and the company to perform at the World's Largest Dance Event! For more information about us visit our website at or email us to discuss a possible project.

Rosie Lewis

I studied Drama and English Lit and in my third year, I co-created StormCloud Arts & Theatre. We decided we wanted make a living off of this. We both had experience in the Arts and in running workshops, but we had no idea how to make this a profession. After signing up, Inspiring Enterprise offered free mentoring, workshops and networking events.The networking events put us in contact with lots of other local businesses and like-minded people. We were also introduced to another contact with experience in the theatre industry. My confidence skyrocketed after attending networking events, and I learnt so much from the scheme. For more information about us, find us on instagram @stormcloud_arts or visit our website at or email us to discuss a possible project.

Case Studies


Sarah Hannibal-White

I have recently graduated from Winchester University with an MA in Education. Having worked as Head of Drama in a range of secondary schools, I have always had the opportunity to bring my hobby of photography into the classroom and onto the stage. As a result, I have wide experience of capturing children and performers 'in action'. Naturally, action photography has therefore become my absolute passion. I love capturing precious moments that are so often missed. The relaxed, honest moments that show the true soul of the subject being photographed. Following the birth of my daughter in the Spring of 2016, photography became even more important to me and I have wanted to ensure I fully capture her magical journey. I have been overwhelmed by how many precious moments there are, even in the first year of life, and I want to offer a service which helps families record as many of those moments as possible, birthdays, family events, days out, holidays, we are constantly making memories and my aim is to ensure they last forever. As I my passion for photography continues to grow and expand through my own parenting journey, I have decided it is time to take the plunge with this new career. I look forward to setting up Hannibal-White Photography and can't wait to work with the University of Winchester!
Blake - Crest

Blake Khalaf

I heard about Inspiring Enterprise through Winchester Uni Intranet, I just 'typed in 'start your own business' that was it. So I went along to weekly meetings, I really recommend it, I got the finances but not the marketing, brand and positioning of my business, you get such an overall picture of business. I did the course just after my last exam at Uni. While I was University we covered a very brief a topic on alternative investments and touched on cryptocurrency and that sparked my curiosity for it all. I researched it so in my third year I put my student loan in to the market. Literally while sitting in my room I just chucked two months rent in to the market, I HAD to make it work! From then on I just grew my earnings and used it to set up Crest. For more information about us, find us instagram @cresftfund, LinkedIn, or visit our website or email us to discuss a possible investment.

Emily Whittingham

Emily is a painter specialising in Whimsical Gothic and Vintage Style Lowbrow Art & Illustration. She did the Inspiring Enteprise course in the summer of 2017, when her mum saw an advertisiment in the paper. She has finished uni and wanted tips to be a freelance artist. After exploring various events and avenues she learnt which ones she could miss and which ones would lead her to her niche target market. A few years on she has a career as a professional painter and is selling original work. She works in a studio space that her mentor from IE connected her to. For more information about Emily, find her on instagram @erwhittingham, her patreon or visit her website

Case Studies

Special Effects

James Horscroft & Alex Denley Spencer

James and Alex are the writers behind the rapid fire sketch show “Biscuit Barrel”. The show showcases alternative humour in a post-modern surrealist fashion. The group initially began as James’ second-year open project but after a successful show has become a professionally led theatre group. Biscuit Barrel will officially make their first debut at the 2018 Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe festivals next year. The group are currently working on a test show for October and preparing for open mic events to help campaign. Facebook page:

Lloyd Attrill

Apollo began as an idea when I was 19, at the beginning of my degree and three years of study at the University of Winchester. The original idea existed as a high quality supplement company. With all of the materials purchased and a MVP sample produced I was ready to set up shop, however things never materialised. Since then the idea developed and progressed into a quality lifestyle and leisure brand, stocking and creating merchandise and eventually apparel/clothing. The initial release features a variety of caps and bags. The dream is to not only be successful in the clothing industry, but to in effect create an impact in anything that I put my mind too. So look out for Apollo and show us some support, I look forward to the journey, why don’t you join me.(Find us on Instagram Apollo_uk or online at
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Rachel Tapping

'I've always wanted to run my own business but it's taken raising three children, running playgroups for eleven years and attending university as a mature student to bring me to a point where I am ready. It's scary starting out at my age with all the responsibilities that go with it, so being given this great opportunity to have my hand held on the way has been invaluable. I am bringing together the things I know and love best - working with parents and their small children and providing the playthings that really inspire healthy, imaginative play. I'm developing playgroup experiences that will educate parents whilst also providing a peaceful, relaxing environment for them and their children. This is complimented by the range of playthings I'm developing. My focus is on the first three years but the products are not exclusively for this age group. My revamped website should be open for business soon at' You can also see what I'm up to on Facebook and Instagram'